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About Us

Naked Bee Hives products are designed and manufactured by LWO Corporation of Portland, Oregon. Since 1980, LWO Corporation has developed a nationwide reputation as a designer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality wood products for the home and garden. We are proud to feature high quality bee hives and materials as part of our Naked Bee Hives family.

Our bee hive products are made right here at our factory in Portland, Ore., from Northwest softwoods: natural and renewable Western Cedar - a naturally pest and rot resistant wood; and Pine. 

Why Naked Bee Hives?
Unlike other softwood boxes, Western Cedar can be left unpainted if you so choose, achieving a slivered look over time. This is where we get our name - our boxes are just fine being ‘naked’. Pine, however, requires some attention to weatherization. It should be painted, or at the very least, treated with a weather-proof finishing agent (oil, stain, etc.).

Our philosophy of integrating fine design, materials and craftsmanship and our dedication to customer satisfaction are the legacy of years of experience working with clients to improve the quality of the spaces in which we live and play. This tradition of excellence continues with ongoing development of innovative new products and improved construction techniques.

In addition to the Naked Bee Hive line, LWO manufactures the Woodway and Arboria product lines, which includes high-grade wood lattice, deckrail, post cladding, post caps, fencing products and interior solid wood paneling (Woodway), and distinctive, high quality sustainable furniture and garden structures (Arboria).

You may contact Naked Bee Hives in the following ways:

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Naked Bee Hives, a division of LWO Corporation
P.O. Box 17125
Portland, Oregon 97217

Telephone: (503) 286-5372
Toll Free Customer Service: (800) 459-8718
Fax: (503) 286-4092